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Amsterdam's Best Food Markets: Streat Bites' Guide

Amsterdam, one of the world's most visited cities, has seen efforts from the Dutch government to manage tourist numbers. Despite this, Amsterdam remains an enjoyable European city, captivating many with its charm. Life in Amsterdam feels like a village, with everything conveniently close. The key advice for a trip here is to embrace spontaneity, wander through the beautiful streets, and relish the local canal views. Disregard the city's supposed bland culinary image; it's an unfounded claim. In a previous article, we explored local hangouts; this time, let's unravel Amsterdam's vibrant markets. Some are likable and fun, while others have become culinary must-sees, contributing to the city's rich variety.

Crafting a vacation around Amsterdam's markets, exploring different areas each day, is an enticing prospect. However, it's crucial to note that many markets operate only a few days a week, necessitating checking opening hours. Regardless of your arrival time, a fitting market for your desires awaits.

Here is Streat Bites' list for the best food markets in Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp Market

Address: Albert Cuyp Market, Albert Cuypstraat, Amsterdam

Albert Cuyp Market, the city's most famous and largest, boasts over 260 stalls offering clothes, flowers, appliances, and, of course, an abundance of food. Located in the lively De Pijp neighborhood, this market operates six days a week (closed on Sundays) from 10:00 to 17:00.

In and around the market, diverse stalls serve a wide variety of street food, featuring flavors from Indonesian, Surinamese, Turkish, Moroccan cuisines, and more. Open your eyes and sharpen your sense of smell to discover wonderful places on the surrounding streets. For a richer culinary experience, consider booking one of our food tours focused on this market and its vibrant surroundings. Joining our food tours provides the opportunity to discover hidden gems you wouldn't have known about on your own and to savor unique and delightful dishes, offering a taste of the diverse flavors Amsterdam has to offer.


Address: Lindenmarkt, 1015 KJ Amsterdam

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Jordaan neighborhood, Lindenmarkt unfolds as a time-honored treasure among Amsterdam's markets, tracing its roots back to the 17th century. This organic market, a sensory experience active only on Saturdays, serves as a vibrant hub for boutique producers and enticing food stalls. Wander through its charming alleys, uncovering stalls that beckon with unique offerings. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in the city's most extravagant smoked ham sandwich at one of the stands. As you explore, take a brief 2-minute stroll to WINKEL 43 cafe, a renowned spot celebrated for its apple pie, adding a sweet note to your market excursion.

Museum Square Market

Address: Museumplein, Amsterdam

Marking its presence every third Sunday of the month, the Museum Square Market transforms the already enchanting Museum Square into a hub for designed products and handcrafted offerings. This monthly gathering is a perfect addition to a cultural day, offering a variety of dishes from around the world. Stroll through this marketplace, where art and food come together, creating an inviting atmosphere for you to explore and savor.

PureMarkt Market

Address: Various city parks (Check website for details)

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of PureMarkt, one of Amsterdam's newest markets happening almost every Sunday in different city parks. This market is all about fresh and diverse culinary experiences with its Farm-to-Table approach. It's not just a market; it's a chance to meet local farmers, giving your market day a personal touch. With a variety of high-quality food options, PureMarkt guarantees a memorable culinary journey amid the greenery of Amsterdam's parks.

Sunday Market

Address: Various locations (Check website for details)

Inspired by London's market scene, the Sunday Market is a fun mix of art, fashion, vintage items, and tasty food stalls. It happens only on Sundays, inviting you to explore diverse offerings and discover unexpected treats. Let your instincts guide you through this lively marketplace for a blend of cultural finds and delicious bites.

Food Hallen

Address: Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam

Since 2014, Food Hallen has been a go-to indoor food spot in the trendy Oud West neighborhood. With a variety of global cuisines, it's a great place to meet friends and enjoy diverse dining options in a casual setting. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere, trying out different flavors and making the most of a friendly dining experience.

Ten Katemarkt Market

Address: Ten Katestraat 34, 1053 CC Amsterdam

Wrapping up our tour of Amsterdam's markets is the charming local spot, Ten Katemarkt. Situated in Oud West, this small market operates six days a week, offering about 100 stalls with everything from fresh produce to clothes, flowers, Dutch cheeses, fish, and more. Combine a visit here with Food Hallen for a day of authentic Amsterdam flavors and diversity.

Can't get enough?

Join one of our exclusive food tours in Amsterdam for an amazing experience. Explore hidden gems, family-owned businesses, and savor bites you might never try on your own. Let us guide you through the culinary wonders of Amsterdam!


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