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The Best Bakeries in Amsterdam 2024

We share an undeniable love for bakeries—those delightful havens that make our mornings brighter and our taste buds sing. Here's Streat Bites' guide to the best bakeries in Amsterdam serving up not just pastries but a whole lot of culinary goodness.


1. Fort Negen

Renowned for its meticulously fermented 26-hour sourdough bread, Fort Negen is more than just a feast for the nose. With an open kitchen, patrons can witness the artistry behind the scenes, adding an extra layer to the sensory experience. Don't miss their signature chocolate & almond croissant—a revelation that has crowned itself as our favorite croissant in Amsterdam.

2. Le Fournil de Sébastien

Le Fournil de Sébastien, a French bakery holding its ground since 2007, offers a no-frills, timeless experience. While the location may not be in the bustling heart of Amsterdam, don't be fooled – the goods inside speak for themselves. The aroma of freshly baked treats invites you to explore their selection of bread, cakes, and pastries.

Just a heads up: Fridays and Saturdays might see some queues, but trust us, the wait is worth the reward.

Le Fournil de Sébastien
Le Fournil de Sébastien

3. Restaurant Hoi Tin 海天

For a tasty side trip, swing by Restaurant Hoi Tin, where the bakery is an essential part of the culinary scene. With an impressive lineup of around 15 different pastries, each visit unfolds a feast for the senses – sweet, savory, filled, shiny, and colorful bites to choose from. The selection is so tempting that grabbing a few for later is a smart move, as these pastries have a tendency to disappear well before the day winds down. Here's a pro tip: when the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around, don't miss the chance to indulge in their traditional Mooncakes, stealing the spotlight with their time-honored charm.

4. Ulmus Bakkerij

Ulmus Bakkerij, has quickly become a local favorite, known for its exceptional sourdough bread. While the options may not overwhelm you, each item on display brings its own special touch. Whether it's artisanal sourdough bread, cruffins, danishes, cookies, or croissants, the straightforward selection offers a great surprise in every bite.

5. Stadsbakkerij As

Stadsbakkerij As isn't your average bakery; it's a spot for sourdough enthusiasts and creative pastry lovers. In this small but comfy space, you can enjoy your morning coffee alongside a soft, crumbly rhubarb and pistachio pastry. Don't miss their Miso & Walnuts financier for a surprising twist, and if you're up for something substantial, try the amazing and flavorful Ricotta & grilled veggies sourdough baguette.

6. Bakhuys

At Bakhuys, you've got plenty to choose from. The atmosphere is friendly, there's ample seating, and watching the bakers adds a nice touch to your morning experience. From options like Homemade pesto with Mozzarella on spelt bread, Tuna salad on a sourdough bun, to the ever-popular Pain au chocolat, you'll find a variety to satisfy your cravings. The range of choices, combined with the relaxed atmosphere, makes this spot a great pick for breakfast, brunch, or a simple coffee break.

7. Hartog's Volkoren

Established in 1896, Hartog's Volkoren is a longstanding symbol of Amsterdam's enduring love for quality baked goods. More than just a bakery, it boasts its own flour production facility next door, ensuring unparalleled freshness. Renowned for its Dutch pastries and cookies, the real star is its whole wheat bread, crafted from top-notch Dutch grain. A visit to this institution promises not just a taste of tradition but a journey through the evolution of Amsterdam's culinary landscape.

Ready to Explore Amsterdam's Best Culinary Secrets with Streat Bites?

As we wrap up our exploration, we encourage you to join Streat Bites on a laid-back culinary adventure. Let's go beyond the ordinary, discovering hidden gems and local favorites. Curious to taste Amsterdam like a local? Explore our food tours and immerse yourself in the city's rich culinary tapestry. Join us for a food tour that goes beyond the expected!


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