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Where will we meet?
We will meet at the western entrance of the market - accurate details will be sent by email after booking.


Who will be my guide?

You will meet Guy. Inbal or Roy as your tour guide.

Is the tour suitable for me?

If you're passionate about food as we are and if food is the centre of your trips abroad, your place is with us!


This is not my first time in the city. Will I still enjoy the tour?

Honestly, yes. Travelling with locals is a whole different experience. Allow us to divert you from the regular tourist route and reveal to you dreamy places you did not know of.

A unique experience of stories and tastes that are an inseparable part of the city making it so special.

Do I need to book my spot in advance?
Yes, it is important for us to maintain a pleasant and warm atmosphere. The groups are small and the number of participants is limited so it is important to reserve your spot in advance. You can book your spot on the tour here on the site or contact us by email.

Is the food included in the tour's price?
of course! All tastings are already included in the tour's price. In addition we will stop at places where you can buy yourself delicious  souvenirs to bring back home. We do recommend bringing a bottle of water.


How many participants will be in the group?

We love making a personal connection with each and every person who joins us on our tours, so the groups are small and limited to 12 people per tour.

How do I pay for the tour?
The payment is made in advance right here on the site.

Have you booked a spot but cannot make it?

We will be happy to meet you on your next trip to town. Our tours are planned ahead, so during registration we guarantee you the participation in the tour. If you have to cancel, please note our cancellation policy.


Cancellation of up to 7 days prior the tour - full refund.

Cancellation of less than 7 days prior the tour - 50% refund of the amount paid.
Cancellation of less than 24 hours
 prior the tour - no refund.

No-show - no refund.

Will the weather affect the tour?

Only if you let it. We are in Amsterdam, a city with quite a bit of rain and low temperatures but not to worry- we will feed you in the sun, wind, rain, and snow :) Check the forecast, dress well, and have an umbrella. As for the rest, you can count on us.

In cases of extreme weather in which the market is unexpectedly closed, you’ll be updated immediately.

In such cases, a new date may be set for the tour or it may be cancelled.


Food restrictions or allergies?

Please update us in advance.



Excellent! We’ll take care of you :) If you don’t eat fish, there is one station that you’ll miss out on but in any case, we promise you won’t finish the adventure hungry.



The majority of the dishes we taste include ingredients that are not suitable for vegans.

Allergic to gluten?

The majority of the dishes we taste include gluten.

So what will  we eat?
We really believe in the element of surprise as part of the experience. We can tell you that we will taste the best of the local cuisine - sweet, salty, Indonesian, Surinamese and more.


Can we stop and buy at the food vendors on the way?

Don’t worry- the end point of the tour is on the other side of the market so you can go back and buy more snacks and gifts at the end of the tour. During the tour, because we are travelling as a group, we would love to stay together and not delay the rest of the grubbers :)


How much are we going to eat?

A lot! Come hungry and don’t say we didn’t warn you :). We highly recommend that you change your breakfast plans to a coffee with a (small) cookie and leave some room in your stomach for the really good stuff. The next time you eat after the tour, if you have room, will only be at dinner.

So how much walking?

Not much at all. How fun that all of the good things are really close. We will take a light and fun walk of about 1.5 kilometres.

Any other questions?
You are more than welcome  to contact us here, via  e-mail or phone.

Get your taste buds ready, it's gonna be a great adventure!

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