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Meet the Team Behind Streat Bites!

We are Guy and Inbal, parents to Ari, Adam, and Ellie. Food has always been at the heart of our lives, uniting us with our families. Our childhoods were filled with delicious stews, homemade pastries, and meals made by our amazing mothers. They'd spend hours in the kitchen, creating food that made us smile and our tummies rumble.

As young adults, we followed our dreams and moved to Tel Aviv, a city known for its great food. Ten years ago, we met and decided to share our lives together in a cozy loft in southern Tel Aviv.

At that time, Guy was a fashion photographer, and I worked at a branding studio in Tel Aviv. But our love for food and people was stronger. So, we joined EatWith, a community of cooks who host dinner parties for food lovers. Our loft turned into a place where guests had unforgettable evenings, and we fell in love with cooking and hosting.

After we got married, Guy had a wild idea: "Let's move abroad!" We thought about it a lot and then decided to move to Amsterdam, a city we fell in love with. We knew it would be an exciting, challenging, and incredible experience.

We love Amsterdam and its endless possibilities. Our deep love for food, our passion for connecting with new people, and our desire to create amazing culinary experiences led us to establish Streat Bites - Food Tours. Together with Roy Polak who joined our team - We're thrilled to share our love for Amsterdam and its delicious secrets with you.

Here We Are!

streat bites food tours - Guy Katz

Guy Katz

Pro Eater, Vibrant Storyteller, Adventure Seeker

streat bites food tours - Inbal Katz

Inbal Katz

Amazing Host, Peoples' Person, Sharp Taste Buds

streat bites food tours - Roy Polak

Roy Polak

Chef, Extreme Foodie, Culinary Genius

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