Food Tour in Amsterdam

How much fun would it be if in every destination we visited in the world, a local friend showed
up to take us to all the best places to eat, places which we would never have discovered otherwise?

A dream come true, right?!

This is exactly why we have established Streat Bites
Culinary Adventures – a home for travelers with an appetite and curiosity for food, who want to
explore the city and culture through local flavors and places.


Amsterdam is a city that feels like a village, everything is close and within walking distance that’s it’s charm.

If you take a step or two outside of the tourist center, the city’s neighborhoods reveal an abundance of cultures from the east and west that have come to the
Netherlands over the years, bringing with them their customs, diversity, and of course the food!


Street food has long become part of our daily routine and in a city with cultures as diverse and
varied as Amsterdam, the possibilities for authentic food are endless! Family eateries and food
vendors with legacies of several generations keep family traditions and make our bellies happy
and satisfied. We invite you to take part in the journey of flavors and wonderful stories that this
city has to offer and join us on an adventure.

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