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Think you know Amsterdam like the back of your hand?

Confident that you’ve already seen and tasted everything that the local cuisine has to offer?

This tour is just for you!

The Dutch have a great deal of respect for tradition and the family businesses that are passed down from generation to generation. Businesses, of course, develop over the years and adapt themselves to the generational mindset but nevertheless preserve and nurture the family tradition.


And here in Amsterdam, there are a great many restaurants, stalls, bakeries, and butchers just like that. Places that have been in the same location since the shop was born decades ago. Places where the exact same dish has been prepared from the same secret recipe for over 100 years. Places that you’d need to be a local to know that there are dishes that aren’t on the menu at all but are in fact the place’s signature dish!

Confusing, right?

These are exactly the places we visit on the tour.


"As a passionate foodie I wanted to taste everything the city had to offer, and to know exactly the story behind it. Inbal and Guy succeeded in giving us three hours of joy to the heart, stomach and soul."

Keren c.r.

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