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6 delicious and worthwhile recommendations

Did you think that in Amsterdam you only eat fries?

Today, Amsterdam has about 850,000 residents, of whom 40% are immigrants who came here from all over the globe at various times throughout history. The fact that almost half of the population living in the city is not Dutch at all, explains the culinary abundance that takes place there. Alongside local Dutch cuisine, which has developed out of a limited supply and is characterized by simple cooking, there are other cuisines, which add an endless variety and richness of flavors to anyone who just craves it.

The history of the Netherlands has created a very diverse culinary culture. The golden age of the Netherlands was in the 17th century. At that time the science, arts, economy, trade and military power of the Netherlands were at their peak. The Netherlands conquered Indonesia, in Southeast Asia, and Suriname, in northern South America, and ruled these countries for about 300 years. These conquests influenced the culinary culture in the Netherlands with the arrival of many immigrants from these countries who brought with them the raw ingredients and culinary cultures of those peoples.


In the 1970s, with the arrival of another wave of immigration, this time from Morocco and Turkey, additional flavors were added to Dutch cuisine. Migrant workers from Morocco and Turkey brought with them the culture of Middle Eastern food and today one can easily come across Middle Eastern  restaurants wandering around the city.


Confused? Don't know what to eat and where to get it? Here are recommendations for must-go places when visiting Amsterdam:

La vallade - A romantic French-Dutch gem

A wonderful restaurant with a French flavor. Very rustic, romantic, inviting and most importantly – it never disappoints. The restaurant is only open in the evening from 18:00 to 22:00 and must be booked in advance (usually a day before is enough).

The menu changes daily, and it’s very seasonal and varied. The chef of the restaurant opens her day with a visit to the market, and according to the seasonal raw ingredients found in the market she arranges the menu for that evening, so that by noon what will be on that day’s menu is still unknown. The cost is 35 euros for a complete meal that includes a first course, salad, main dish (meat or fish) and on Monday a completely vegetarian menu, which includes a platter of Dutch and French cheeses and dessert.


Address: Ringdijk 23, Amsterdam

Restaurant website:

Moeders – Mother’s homemade food, if she was Dutch.


There's nothing like mom's home cooked food! Anyone who wants to be impressed by traditional Dutch cooking, like how every Dutch mother cooks at home, according to the recipes she received from her mother and has been passed down through generations in the family, should eat at Moeders. Here you will have an experience from both the food and the atmosphere. The walls are filled with pictures of women, mothers of visitors who came to the restaurant. They are still encouraged to bring pictures to the restaurant even though it seems that there is no room for even one more picture. The kitchenware is not uniform, all of it consists of vintage dishes received by kind people who came to the grand opening of the restaurant and wanted to take part in the event.

The menu is made according to the mothers' names, with each one having its own list of foods. We will not reveal what our favorite food is, but we can say that the Dutch are very lucky to have these mothers cook them such delicious food!


Address: Rozengracht 251, Amsterdam

Restaurant website:

De vergulden eenhoorn - A restaurant with a magical garden

The place used to be a farmhouse and was converted into a complex that combines a small boutique hotel, a restaurant and a magical garden around it. The complex is a hidden gem in the city and events and even weddings can be held there. The restaurant itself was built on the ruins of the old barn of the farm. The design of the place is rustic and cozy but at the same time modern and contemporary. During the day you will find here the atmosphere of a village and in the evening - the atmosphere is electrifying and happy. The food is very meticulous and elegant, the flavors are fresh and special. Definitely one of the most special restaurants in Amsterdam. If you are interested in arriving in the evening - do not forget to book a place in advance.


Address: Ringdijk 58, 1097AH, Amsterdam

Restaurant website:

Spaghetteria - The light and meticulous Italian

A very special Italian restaurant. It is also open only in the evening from 17:00. The menu contains only 6 different pasta dishes and one dessert. The limited variety is part of the restaurant's motto: every dish of pasta is made here very carefully, so there is no room for mistakes.

The ambience of the restaurant is sitting around one large table, inspired by the Italian culture, which unites all the guests together around one table. There are also some more personal places for those who are less fond of sitting next to strangers. The restaurant’s different branches are relatively small, the kitchen is visible, there is good wine and a great atmosphere. 


Address: The restaurant has 4 branches around the city, look for the nearest one available

Restaurant website:

Lindenmarkt - The delicious Saturday market

The Lindenmarkt   is only active on Saturdays and you will find a variety of boutique stalls, special raw ingredients and especially fun food stalls. If you have the desire to return to Israel with a variety of local products, this is the market for you. All of these in our eyes are just the setting for the real reason why you should not miss a visit to the market: a stall that will serve you an amazing smoked ham sandwich with sauerkraut and mayonnaise in a fresh bun. How simple, how delicious! Other goodies at the same stand are smoked sausage, Dutch pea soup and bean stew and meat. Look for the stand that is located almost at the end of the market. There is no chance that you will miss it, the smell will lead you alone.


Address:Lindenmarkt , 1015 KJ Amsterdam

Opening hours: 9:00 – 16:00

Albert Cuyp Market - A Culinary paradise

The Albert Cuyp Market is the most popular and oldest market in the city (115 years old) with over 300 different stalls, including: stalls for clothes, flowers, appliances and a lot of food. It is located in the vibrant De Pijp neighborhood and is simply a paradise for market lovers. In the market and the streets that surround it you will find endless great street food stalls, bars, restaurants and eateries. It is worthwhile and recommended to know exactly what to eat and where it is most delicious.

Even if this is not your first time in Amsterdam, it's never too late to discover flavors and dishes you have never encountered. In the market you can find the signature dishes of Dutch cuisine such as Dutch fries and Stroopwaffel (sweet Dutch waffle syrup cookie) along with many hidden gems, which will serve you exotic and especially delicious dishes.


Address: Albert Cuypstraat

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 9:00-17:00

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