Hi! We are Guy & Inbal

A married couple and new parents to little Ari who recently joined our family of grubbers which food takes a very central role in. Apart from him, Pola – our dog, who is really our eldest (hairy) daughter, also joined us here. She has many strange nicknames, especially names of other animals (such as: giraffe, cat, rabbit…).

We both grew up in families where food was the experiential factor that united the family. A childhood rich of flavors, stews, pastries, and various kinds of dishes made by the hands of our wonderful mothers who spent hours in the kitchen just to make amazing food that makes us smile and our stomachs growl.

As young adults we both fulfilled a small dream and moved to Tel Aviv. Living in a city with one of the best culinary in the world (in our opinion at least), only nurtured and intensified our desire for great food.

We met each other four years ago and since then we have not stopped creating these experiences for ourselves. The truth is that from the beginning we felt it was a match, you could say the pot found it’s lid. We courted one another through food, going out of our way to impress each other's stomachs.

Later we moved to a beautiful loft in southern Tel Aviv. Guy was a fashion photographer and I was an account executive at a cool branding studio in Tel Aviv. Eventually, our love for food and people overcame everything and we decided to join EatWith - a community of chefs and cooks who host dinner parties for foodies. We hosted countless people in our loft with unforgettable evenings for them as well as for us. We abandoned our jobs and dove all in cooking and hosting people, pampering their hungry stomachs and enjoying each and every moment of it.

After we got married, Guy suggested: "let's move abroad" (initially I was deterred by the idea of leaving all the friends I love and my family I am so attached to).  After days and nights of thought and deliberation, the decision was made and I announced with great fervor that I was joining this crazy fantasy of his, and we immediately started planning our move to Amsterdam, Guy's third love (after Ari and myself of course). We knew it's going to be an unforgettable, empowering, challenging and a fascinating experience, in a tiny backwards perspective, it seems that moving here was definitely a wise decision. We love the city and are curious to discover everything it has to offer - and luckily the options are endless.


Our great love for food combined with our love of meeting and hosting new people has given birth to our new (other) baby - The culinary tours. This daily encounter with different people never stops exciting us and the ability to make people happy through food is the reason we wake up every morning with a big smile and full of joy.

Hi! We are Guy & Inbal

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