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How much fun would it be if in every destination we visited in the world, a local friend showed up to take us to all the best places to eat, places which we would never have discovered otherwise?

A dream come true, right?!

This is exactly why we have established Streat Bites Food Tours – a home for travellers with an appetite and curiosity for food, who want to explore the city and culture through local flavors and places.


Amsterdam is a city that feels like a village, everything is close and within walking distance that’s it’s charm.

If you take a step or two outside of the tourist centre, the city’s neighbourhoods reveal an abundance of cultures from the east and west that have come to the Netherlands over the years, bringing with them their customs, diversity,

and of course the food!


Street food has long become part of our daily routine and in a city with cultures as diverse and
varied as Amsterdam, the possibilities for authentic food are endless!

Family eateries and food vendors with legacies of several generations keep family traditions and make our bellies happy and satisfied.


We invite you to take part in the journey of flavors and wonderful stories that this
city has to offer and join us on an adventure.


"As a passionate foodie I wanted to taste everything the city had to offer, and to know exactly the story behind it. Inbal and Guy succeeded in giving us three hours of joy to the heart, stomach and soul."

Keren c.r.


If food is the centre of your trips abroad, you can kick back, put your feet up, and smile. You’re in for an adventure… You thought they eat only Fries in Holland? Think again.

The variety of flavors in Holland that have been melded over the years reveal the Dutch food culture which blends beautifully with the nationalities that have migrated here throughout history and offers us a variety of traditional and new oriental and western flavors.

So what do the Dutch eat and where? Let’s find out…


The Netherlands has never boasted and bragged about a richly flavoured cuisine and, friends, we’re here to change that. The street food scene in the city is alive and thriving more than ever. You can find something good to eat at every turn. The Albert Cuyp Market is a paradise for market lovers, located in the lively Pipe neighbourhood.

On the market and the streets surrounding it, there are endless top-notch food vendors, bars, restaurants, and eateries. Even if this isn’t your first time in the city, we promise you will discover flavors and foods that you have not yet met. We ourselves are constantly surprised by new and exciting places.

Of course we will taste the major players such as Dutch fries, Haring and Stroopwafels but that’s only the beginning. We’ve gathered the best of the best of foods, places, and stories that make us smile and our stomachs growl just by thinking about it. 3 hours, some stories and lots of food, so don’t say we didn’t tell you to come hungry.


When: Monday to Saturday, morning or afternoon

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Where: The Albert Cuyp market

Price: € 65 per person, all tastings are already included in the tour price

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